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Team Bushido is raw talent clan built to have alot of fun and competition.
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 TTK* Rules

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PostSubject: TTK* Rules   Sat Jul 18, 2009 3:52 pm

These are the rules for the clan. If you make two mistakes your out of here.

(1) Do not ever wear another clan tag or salute it.
(2) No clan hop if you think about clan hopping telling some else in the clan about you clan hopping or even do it your out of here.
(3) You must participate with the clan. If you are not you must give a explanation about why your not.
(4) You must respect other members and your clan leaders.
(5) Contact leaders if you would like to arrange something for the clan.
(6)If you have any problems please tell and administrator
(7)No wearing the clan tag unless you have been tried out by one of the admin members or a member who was.
(8 No cursing on the forum's leave that on the chat box

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TTK* Rules
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